API Quick Guide

Get started with ACP

ACP or Amedia Content Platform is our service for accessing all the content that our more than 70 publications creates…

Just follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Request an api key by sending a mail amedia-utvikling-apikey@amedia.no. Make sure to fill in company name, contact information, the API you want access to and details about the service that will use the data

  • Please join our Google group where important information is announced. The group also work as our support channel for partners and external users.

  • Read through our documentation

Get started with aID

aID is an identity provider developed by and for the Norwegian media group Amedia. More than 70 local Norwegian newspapers are currently using this service for access to articles reserved for subscribers, epapers and maintaining subscriptions.

You should find all you need to get started in the documentation.